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certyfikat Our company was established in 1970, and since 1986 it has been functioning under the name REDONEX. Its registered seat is in Blachownia near Częstochowa and its activity focuses on manufacturing parts and bodies for automotive industry.

At present the company consists of five independent, rapidly developing divisions, which specialize among other things in manufacturing products for automotive industry and building industry, as well as in manufacturing artistic decorative objects.

The superior goal of our company is to effectively increase our share in the domestic and European markets by improving the effectiveness of production and the quality of goods that we manufacture. We employ experienced employees who regularly take part in trainings raising wyroby dla motoryzacji their qualifications, and build up our human resources infrastructure.

In 2007 we implemented in our company a Quality Management System obtaining an ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Having in mind the necessity of constant improvement of the quality of products we manufacture for our clients, we have initiated activities to meet the necessary quality system requirements for the ISO Technical Specification ISO/TS 16949:2002.

Our objectives with reference to functioning and development of the company are closely connected with wyroby dla motoryzacji the Quality Management System Policy, which is the means of achieving customer satisfaction. By perfecting the processes directed at the continuous improvement of manufactured products we have made this policy our obligation while fulfilling orders in a reliable and complex way, meeting the requirements of our customers and legal requirements. It is also a means of strengthening our market position and obtaining financial results which allow for a steady development of our company.

Products for automotive industry
wyroby dla motoryzacji The basic branch of our activity is manufacturing products for automotive industry. In our offer you will find stamped, welded and forged elements which are produced under a strict system of quality requirements. These elements are delivered directly to car assembly lines. Such a form of cooperation, apart from the fulfillment of quality requirements, demands a special focus on punctuality of deliveries. Thank to continuous investments we have machine facilities and manufacturing technologies at our disposal which let us satisfy even the most demanding customers. The products presented in this offer are only part of a wide range of goods we manufacture.
wyroby dla motoryzacji
Products for building industry
Bolts and Nelson studs are utilized among others in such sectors of building industry as bridge, viaduct and foot-bridge building, or structural steel erection (e.g. production halls). Thank to implementation of the state-of-the-art production technologies our products meet both European and world standards. Working very hard to meet the needs of our customers, we gradually extend the range of offered products. Presently we are designing new bolts and studs which are soon going to be included in our range. Our products utilized in building and automotive industries are produced exclusively if ordered and comply with the individual needs of the customer.

view examples of application of SD (NELSON) studs

wyroby dla budownictwa
Elements of sectional doors
The production of metal elements for sectional doors takes place under a close scrutiny of Quality Management System and complies with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. Utilizing the best technologies we are capable of professionally manufacturing products of various types and sizes exactly measured even in micromillimeters. In many cases the quality of our products exceeds the quality assured by many renowned companies, and meanwhile our prices remain attractive. Satisfying the Customer is our priority. Having a wide range of machine facilities at our disposal, at a special request we are able to manufacture elements with untypical dimensions and shapes. Thank to a team of highly skilled and experienced employees the range of our offer is steadily expanded, and presently at the project stage there are products which are soon going to enrich the assortment of goods that we offer.
Elementy montażowe do bram segmentowych
Hand tools
This segment of our production includes manufacturing of tools which, for example, can be found in a driver’s kit. Apart from that we also offer small tools for furniture industry, such as spanners for home assembly of furniture. Thank to the implementation of modern production technologies our tools are distinguished by careful manufacturing and resilience. The quality and attractiveness of our products have been appreciated by Customers both in Poland and in Europe.
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Our services are provided according to individual needs of the Customer, so that your expectations can be met very carefully. All projects are realized individually at the request of the Customer and according to their concept, while our experience and consulting services remain at their disposal.

Our services are thorough and complex, they are provided according to established stages clear to the Customer:

  • Preliminary analysis
  • Cost calculation
  • Final product manufacturing
  • Delivery of goods to the Customer

We offer a professional working of sheet metal and various kinds of metals.

Our services include:

  1. Plastic forming of sheet metal (with presses of 15:300 tonnes pressure capacity)
  2. Spot welding and friction welding
  3. Gas welding of aluminium and steel
  4. Hot die forging
  5. Cold die forging
  6. Machining

Responding to the needs of our customers we also offer production of parts with subsequent application of protective coating utilizing galvanic technology or electrostatic coating technology.

We carry out the projects commissioned to us either using our own equipment or using the equipment rendered accessible to us by our customers.

The experience we have gained so far and well-qualified employees allow us to provide services at the highest level and guarantee the high quality of performed works.

If you are interested in our services please contact our Production Division available at the phone number 34 327 02 38 or contact us clicking on REQUEST FOR QUOTATION.

System Zarządzania Jakością ISO 9001:2008
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